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Swedish Dental Supplies is a dental manufacturer providing dental products of own design since 1966. High quality products are as essential to our business as is prompt attention to inquiries and orders.

Premium Dental Products & Manufacturers 

Dental Products

Dental Products

Swedent have many different types of dental products and are designed to improve patient’s dental care health. Swedents main products is:

Dental Manufacturers

Dental Manufactures

Swedish Dental Supplies AB is a dental manufacturer, providing products of own design. High quality are as essential to our business as is prompt attention to inquiries and orders.  We’re manufacturing our products in-house and therefore can always guarantee high quality and satisfaction on our products. 
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New Products

Dental Products

Titanium Dentine Retention Pins

The product is tissue compatible and has no corrosion or galvanic reaction associated with other metals. The retention pins are supplied in handy 12-pack with one drill In diameters 0,75 mm (medium) and 0,60 mm (small) No. 4450 – Kit box of 12 pcs + 1 drill diameters 0,75 mm No. 4451 – Kit box of 12 pcs + 1 drill

Dental Products

Saliva Ejectors Sweflex

The material on this product is environmental friendly – for single use only! Hygienic suction body with superior suction capacity reducing aerosol in treatment room. Anatomical design – keeps tongue in place. Preshaped and flexible – the product fits all patients. Conical connection ø 6-7 mm. Polyetylen, products of combustion only CO2 and H2O. Hypoallergic. No. 1342 – Bag of 100 pcs