Plastic Tooth Cleaner

Replace the traditional wooden tooth pick,  it can be bent without breaking.
It’s flexibility follows the tooth surface and its lightly teaseled surface helps clean between the teeth. Hygienical packed in dispenser of about 100 pcs. 10 dispensers in each display cart.

No. 1035 – 10 boxes x 100 pcs

Aspirator Tubes

Without angle. Lenght 130 mm.
Packed in carton of 10 bags x 100 pcs.

No. 1330 – Carton of 10 bags x 100 pcs white


Surgical aspirator to t directly to 11 mm system.
Apex: 3,6 mm. Length: 165 mm. Color: White. Autoclavable

No. 1337 – Bag of 25 pcs

Adaptor Saliva Ejectors

For connection of saliva ejectors into ejection system.
ø 11m

No. 1320 – Bag of 10 pcs
No. 1325 – In bulk, min. 1.000 pcs

Articulator – Occludator

Disposable of plastic. For inlays, crowns and small bridges.
Also for fitting study models. Color: Blue.

No. 1021 – Box of 25 pcs

Saliva Ejectors Original Hygoformic 

With tongue guard in one sling unit. Adjustable in many ways.
Each bag includes 2 adaptors.
Packed in cart. of 20 bags x 100 pcs

No. 1310 – Bag of 100 pcs
No. 1311 – Carton of 2.000 pcs in bulk

Barman Wooden Wedges 

Anatomically shaped and polished for a better and safer filling procedur.
Easy to insert between the teeth. Made of splinter resistant birchwood.

No. 1384 – Box of 200 pcs, small
No. 1385 – Box of 200 pcs, large
No. 1386 – Box of 200 pcs, small & large

Root Canal Pins

A flexible, residual plastic burn-out pin with good retention in the impression materials.
Colour: Pink and green.

No. 3290 – Box of 60 pcs pink
No. 3280 – Box of 60 pcs green


Autoclavable suction device for Hygosurge. A tiny blue autoclavable tip that turns the Hygosurge into a unique suction device for micro oral surgery and ne endodontic work.
Colour: Light-blue.

No. 1338 – Bag of 25 pcs

Applicator Brushes

Disposable dental applicators for precision application of:
Cavity lining – Etching – Sealants – Bonding – Adhesives – Varnish application – Haemostatic liquids – Disclosing agents.

No. 1395 – Handle white, bag of 5 pcs
No. 1396 – Mini-brushes, bag of 100 pcs
No. 1389 – Applicator Brushes. MICRO brush, blue. Box of 100 pcs


Disposable dappen dishes withstand any liquid using in a dental operatory as
fluorides, acrylics, chloroform or prophy paste. Ideal as prophy cups for mixing acrylics and amalgams. 4 different colours to avoid confusion and contamination of materials.
The wide base remains steady in use. The side tap may be bent up to form handle for use as prophy dish.

No. 1390 – Bag of 50 pcs yellow
No. 1391 – Bag of 50 pcs blue
No. 1392 – Bag of 50 pcs white
No. 1393 – Bag of 50 pcs red