CROWN FORMS, strip crowns SYSTEM C

The strip crowns are made out of extremely thin, super elastic, form stabile non-toxic material.
Their excellent anatomical design and occlusion surface reduces the necessary correcting work-done with a scalpel or scissor – to a minimum. The long tooth-necks make optimal tting possible. The clear material allow control of the hardening and the colour. They can also be used with UV-light hardening materials.
The crown material does not bind with any of the used plastics, and thus the crowns are easy to remove.
The crowns are available in assortment boxes of 60 respectively 120 pieces and in re ll boxes.
The crowns are available in all sizes of anteriors and premolars.

No. 2140 – Anteriors and Premolars assortment box of 60 crowns, 1 crown x 60 sizes
No. 2141 – Anteriors and Premolars assortment box of 120 crowns, 2 crowns x 60 sizes
No. 2150 – Refill box of 3 crowns of any mould
No. 2155 – Loose crowns in bulk, min. 100 pcs each mould